Nigerian gospel music minister, song writer and a worshipper, Ewaoluwa Ayoola, a woman who was found by grace and is additionally an embodiment of God's blessings, steadfast love and protection.

In her interview with gospelwifi she exposes on certain issues that have helped and shaped her life over the years. the gorgeous singer shed light on matters that are happening in her life, how she almost broke down at some point and even lost her life and was depressed as she couldn't handle issues surrounding her.

She said;

"Flash back to few years ago when life made no sense, I felt empty, helpless, everything seemed so impossible, but in the midst of trials and depression I found Jesus again, he actually loved me but I was too carried away with it. Jesus gave me a new life, new name and everything became possible with him".

Ewaoluwa also shed more light on her near death experiences and how she was close to the land beyond, after escaping series of accidents and gun shots that was directed at her but God saved her.

"I had accidents for 7 times that nearly took my life, missed gun shots and almost got crippled but Christ Jesus showed up and revealed himself in my life".

The songstress also spoke about how confusion set in and she almost lost track of everything concerning her.

"I went from being confused to being a functioning person who was guided by God. 

This is my story, this is my song, this is my testimony.

Jesus is Lord, Jesus you are everything.

You alone changes situation and you alone makes a difference in humans life".

This is just a way of showing how powerful and awesome God is to us all, life sometimes throws challenges at us and we feel like giving up but we'll always remember that weeping may last through the night but joy cometh in the morning.


  1. Oh wow thank God for your life sis. May He who has kept and protected you continue to do so in jesus mighty name


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