Nigerian Gospel minister Motunrayo OLOYEDE popularly known as Hephzibah muziks drops another new single tagged "Egbega

"Egbega" ...Can any creature actually Carry God? The king who fills Up heavens and earth, The Wonder of His Size is beyond what flesh can fathom. Yet all creature is commanded to Lift Him up. 

The Word Egbega simply means a man should adjust his Orientation of Who or What he thinks God is. Increase your view of His greatness, increase the measure and the pressure of the praise you offer because God is greater than the whole heavens and earth praises put together. "Egbega" is a worship song that Holy Spirit thought me in a dream through a keyboardist Angel.

Motunrayo OLOYEDE popularly known as Hephzibah muziks is a graceful gospel music minister and a teacher of the word with the mandate to proclaim the gospel. She is a diversified gospel music artist. 

A crooner of 'O'Tobi'( a praise chant) trending worldwide, "Gbogbo Ogo", "Ope Nla", and many others. My classy style of music makes me unique.

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Egbega Lyrics...


(1)Egbega ,Egbega ,Egbega, Egbega.

Chr: Egbega,Egbega Egbega Egbega

Egbega Egbega Egbega Egbega

Egbega Egbega Egbega Egbega

Eni to da aye ni mo n wi Egbega Egbeega

Rept chorus.

God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

(rept chorus)

For His Goodness and Mercy Egbega.

(Rept chr)

For His Kindness forevermore.

Egbega  Egbega Egbega Egbeegaaaaa

 (I will worship)

I will worship at Your Feet most high 

(I will Lift You High)

I will lift up Your Name on high

(For your name lord)

For your name has done great wonders

Oh oh Oba oba oba 

(Oh oh)

Oh oh Oba Oba Oba.

Oh oh oba oba oba

(Ohhoow oba)

 Oh oh oba oba oba      (2)Who was Who is And Is To come

Chr: Egbega,Egbega Egbega Egbega

Eni to  Ile sori Omi Ota sanmo bi eni Tasho

Egbega Egbega Egbega Egbega

The only living God Bright and morning star

(Rept chorus.)

Gbogbo Aye gbee Jesu ga

(Rept chorus)

Eyin Angel Ewole  Lese Re

 Egbega Egbega Egbega Egbegaaaa

(I will Worship)

I will Worship at your feet Most high

( I will lift your name on high)

I will lift up your name on high

(Your name has blessed me)

For your name has done great wonders

(Oh oh oh )

Oh oh oba (oba) oba (oba) oba (oh oh )

Oh oh oba oba oba

Oh oh oba( oh oh oh oba) oba (oba) oh oh oba oba oba

Oba to nfobaje

Oh oh oba( oba) oba ( yeeh)

Oba, ( oba tongbadobale Oba)

Oh oh oba ( oba) Oba oba

(Oh oh)

Oh oh oba ( oh oh)

Oba (oba) oba 

Obato n gbadolale oba 

Ooh oba oba oba

Oba toba- Lori oba

Oh oh oba ( ( Oba toba Lori oba) oba oba ( yeeh Oba)

Oh oh oba oba oba

Oba toti ba kawon oba to o maba.

Oh oh oba (oba) oba oba

Oh oh oba oba oba

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