There’s concrete proof that you sexually assaulted a lady — Comedian Deeone tells singer Nasboi.

The comedian Deeone shared a video via his Instagram page, where he alleged that popular skitmaker Nasboi was guilty of sexually harassing a lady and also did it with an Alibi. 

Deeone said he would be pursuing the case to get justice. This comes right after Nasboi knocks Deeone over a previous video he made, where he said Nasboi has no right to come for Actor Yhemolee's opinion about him (Nasboi)  as it was public opinion and everyone had a right.

Yhemolee had earlier said in an interview that Nasboi was tilting towards music and the song was nice although his masculinity was too much in the song which was normal since he is not a singer but a skit maker.  He proceeded by advising the Interviewer(Is baeU) who also doubles as a skit maker not to toe that line as he did not have a voice good enough for music, but rather his voice was for skit making. The Interview did not go well with Nasboi who felt offended and Yhemolee proceeded to Apologize publicly to Nasboi on his page, the apology is stated below;   

Hi brother,

First off I'm sure from the first time we met up till today, we have never crossed each other, and we have mutual respect for each other. have supported your craft and featured in some of your content. I totally respect your Talent and I can never water it down.

Oh well if you felt some sort of way about a reference made in the content with baeU, you could have reached out to me like I'm doing right now and you probably would have had a clearer understanding or baeU himself would have made you understand the direction of the content with him. As against the tweet you just made, in which I take no offense even though I was never expecting such from you. But this is me saying I'm sorry about it and hope it eases your mind and it would never repeat itself again.

Nasboi also responded to Deeone over his previous video by saying his comedy was lame and he did not have a point for insulting him as he was always coming for celebrities and was too bitter.

This prompted Deeone to share a video alleging that Nasboi had a sexual harassment case and he would pursue it to the last.

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