Pastor Adeboye Officially Inaugurates Five-Star Church in Lagos Great things are always up ahead for individuals willing to go all out in their trust in God. Pastor E. A. Adeboye, a classic example of someone whose life has been given to God, has recorded a big victory in the establishment of what can be considered a five-star church in Lagos. With the massive and well-designed structure, Adeboye’s Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has gained another foothold for sharing the gospel in the Center of Excellence.

RCCG remains on an upward trend as the Christian denomination continues to exercise the grace of God upon it. This time, it is a case of an extensive architectural edifice that has come to be known as the RCCG City of David’s Trinity Towers. Located on Victoria Island, Lagos, the structure boasts a 4,500-capacity auditorium, medical centres, and even restaurants. Others include car parks and helipads, rooftop terraces, charging stations for electric cars, and ATM galleries. At least one of each of these features is available on the three towers of the 14-story structure.

Pastor Adeboye was present in the service to dedicate the Towers on February 12, 2023. Being an individual who has grown used to the dispensation of the grace of God, Daddy GO as he is fondly referred to, did not appear altogether surprised that God had used His people to erect the Trinity Towers. Nevertheless, Adeboye inspired and empowered the assembly, raising their awareness of the power of fellowship and dedication to good works.

The RCCG mandate of having at least one church for every neighborhood in the world is not news. Committed to this mandate, Pastor Adeboye and his people continue to amaze the rest of the world. Even as things take on a harsher condition around the globe, having such accomplishments inspires people to continue to fix their hope on the righteous and upright, the city set on the hill that Adeboye is making a literal reality in Lagos.

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