1 Timothy 6:9 

''But people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plung them into ruin and destruction''

Most times i do wonder and ask scripture. Lord does it mean you dont want us ric? Can a christian not get rich? 

You need to know if you are making impact impact with your life or you are just struggling to exist. 

My major prayer for those reading this, may you not reach the end of your life and realize you just existed and not lived.

To be rich is different from being wealthy. To live your life looking for only means of getting more money is not a life of the kingdom Ambassador but a curse. Money is very far in the hierachy of wealth. That is why if you claim to be rich as a christian you aren't different from an unbeleiver. Before you claim to be wealthy in the kingdom, you must analyse your life as you are! and judbe yourself basesd on the impact you are making. The product of your impact as kingdom ambassador is not depended on how rich you are but how wealthy you are. Now what does it mean to be wealthy as kingdom ambassador. These key area of your life must be checked and you analyse them. If you live a day and one aspect is not invested in, you are just runnning a cat race .

Five  (5) Level of wealth

 Your spiritual life

Soul wealth 

Physical wealth (health and wholeness)



How is your walk with God ? When you sacrifice 16 hours of your life chasing money, when do you really have time to follow the will of God for your life.

You are meant to actively invest in these 5 level of wealth and not spend your life chasing salaries about. One of this level can give you a life time salary in a single day.

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