How to access the Mercy of God

"Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee." 
Psalms 33:22
No matter how bad or ferocious you have been assaulted by the atrocities of life, don't worry, as the God of mercy is alive and well able to show Himself mighty on your behalf.

Do you need mercy in the sight of men, especially your superiors? It takes God to experience mercy from man! In Genesis 39:21, we are told that,
"the LORD was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy, and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison." 
The truth is that it is only the God of mercy that can show us mercy. As a man can only give what he has. No man can give what he does not have. God is full of mercy, and it is not a big deal for Him to give mercy! His mercy is not in short supply!

Glory to God! I know you have been enjoying His mercy, if not you will not be alive to read my QuietTime lessons today. You are not dead or consumed because of His mercy. The Bible says,

"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness."
Lamentations 3:22-23
None of us merits any blessing from God! Whatever blessing we enjoy today is a function of His mercy.

God's Mercy is extravagant, lavish and unbiased in its application. He is merciful to all people, especially to those who cry out for His mercy.

What is mercy?

According to Wikipedia, mercy
can be defined as
"compassion or forbearance shown especially to an offender or to one subject to one's power"; and also "a blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion."

Let's consider 3 action steps towards accessing the mercy of God:

1. Cry out for His mercy!
"And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou son of David, have mercy on us."
Matthew 9:27

2. Be desperate for His mercy!
"And many charged him that he should hold his peace: but he cried the more a great deal, Thou son of David, have mercy on me."
Mark 10:48
Until we are desperate like blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, we may not access the mercy of God.
Mercy of God is for desperate people and for the discomfited who are desperately asking God to bring them out of their affliction.

3. Sow the seed of mercy!
"Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy."
Matthew 5:7
Whatever you sow, you shall reap!
Sow mercy, and you shall reap mercy.
Do you know that forgiveness is an act of mercy? Try to forgive your offenders today!
I decree and declare that you will access and enjoy the mercy of God in Jesus mighty name.
Yours sincerely,
Joe Jesimiel Ogbe

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