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OmoAlade is an inspirational gospel minister who relies solely on the Holy Spirit as his source of songs.

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This year, on the occasion of his birthday God gave him a message to the world, to remind those who have forsaken their journey and to appreciate God together with those who haven't given up.

The message was delivered as a story broken into 2 phases:

Firstly, our journey into this world by birth; everyone has a destiny (purpose) to fulfil. While on this uneasy journey, it is no gainsaying, that only a few can reach their destination of fulfilment. A lot will alight in the vehicle before their destination. Some, for the rigours of the journey and the task ahead, got weary and took the suicide way, some accidentally gave up (not intentionally) while some were short-lived by rivals or friends who wouldn't support, or are envious of the glorious destiny

Second part of the journey is 'The Calling'. Many received the raw call from our father, who had send us into this world to fulfil one duty or the other. As such, my task is different from yours. Along the line, some of our soldiers lost focus of why the were called and got in pursuit of another ministry. Some couldn't wait for the time our father had destined for their ministry to blossom. It was getting too late, to them, so they sought alternative means to stardom. They lost on all ends as they hurriedly alighted for their vehicle if destiny before their destination, and would not make it back home.

While noting these issues that became prevalent in our journeying, we couldn't help but return the glory to God, the father of light and giver of life, and all gifts, who despite the hurdles, kept us from giving up, and is seeing us through, gradually, to our destination. Olorun ti o Jen give up... ESE!

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The Journey


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