NEWS: 'Tread carefully': Pastor Adeboye warns Christians criticizing him

 The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has encouraged Christians condemning him for dedicating a white garment church to tread carefully.

Adeboye expressed this on Sunday during a unique service tagged, 'Going Higher (Part 54)'.

The pastor had in September 2021  dedicated the Lagos cathedral of the Love of Christ Generation Church C&S (Worldwide), established by Reverend Esther Ajayi in the midst of clearing reactions by Pentecostals.

Nonetheless, Adeboye, on Sunday, said his attendance at the occasion was ordered by God.

He said, "In Acts 11:1-18, after Peter came from the place of Cornelius, the extraordinary missionaries assembled, assembled him to a conference and tested him; 'What were you doing in the place of a gentile? We heard that you went there?' They didn't let us know everything that they expressed however they presumably told him; 'You went to the place of a gentile since he was rich.'. Peter needed to say that the spirit made him go."

Proceeding, Adeboye said, "Regardless of whether you accept it or not, I got a considerable amount of questions as of late from good natured Christians: 'Daddy GO Sir, we discovered that you went to a white garment church to dedicate a church. You of all people?’

"Years prior, I think 1982 or something like that, I was welcome to one minimal white-garment church, it wasnt a big one. I went in light of the fact that they said they have caught wind of me and I should come and teach. I got to the entryway, they requested that I take off my shoes, I did, in light of the fact that the spirit made me go.

“There was a man in the church, an engineer, that God knew He was going to need in the building of a campground that we had not even located at the time.

"I went, I taught, he (the engineer) gave his life to Jesus. He came to the Redeemed Christian Church of God and he turned into the architect who began crafted by the camp, he was the second-in-order to the Baba Adura (spiritual head of the white garment church).

"I went on the grounds that God said, 'Go.' In the things of God, don't make quick judgment, tread carefully."

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