I regret wasting a lot of time doing secular music. Satan has been winning for a really long time — Singer Chidinma Ekile 

Chidinma Ekile has clarified why she unloaded common for gospel music. The artist, who alludes to self as Mummy GO says she 

lamented burning through a ton of time doing mainstream music, vowing never to get back to it. 

The end-time trooper, as she likewise alludes to self, added Satan had been winning for a really long time in her life however she needs to utilize every last bit of her gifts to work for her dad who is in paradise. 

"Our God is steadfast, He never lies and He does whatever He says. So I'm here today, it's been a long excursion. I had a chance to invest energy with Him, it's an uncommon advantage to invest time with Him and He disclosed to me a ton of things and He said, He has been sitting tight for me. Along these lines, He is glad to get me. God has been purposeful about me. 

He is aware of me. I'm not here on the grounds that I need distinction. I've had the entirety of that and I think I've had enough of the entirety of that. Along these lines, at the present time is an ideal opportunity to work for my dad. He is the person who has called me I didn't bring myself here. Indeed, I would not like to be here yet I'm going into service in full power. 

Thus, the vast majority of you probably won't comprehend my ways since you don't have the foggiest idea what I'm accustomed to, and that is on the grounds that a great deal of time has been squandered. Along these lines, I need to find time. I'm moving with time, there is no time. The foe has been winning for a really long time. 

I've had a lot of impact and the entirety of that, yet now I'm utilizing the entirety of that, everything the foe thought he had given to me however was given to me by God, while he was lying that he offered them to me, presently I'm utilizing the entirety of that to work for my dad," she said.

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