Nigerian Gospel minister, Yetunde Obanla drops another new single tagged “Eleto Aye Mi”

She said;

This Girl, broken, but rearranged back into shape. Damaged but repaired into purpose. Rejected but adopted by The Father of fathers. Deprived but always adequately provided and cared for by The “Eleto” of the Universe. All my songs and words have always expressed my journey from those paths into this point I am now. For the sole purpose of helping whoever is walking such paths and having those realities now, directing their attention unto the mercy of The Almighty! Mercy! Always available. Ever sure.

My “Eleto aiye mi” song further proclaims how far mercy can take one! Oh, oh, oh, my journey has been that of mercy alone! Mercy, garnished by Grace and Strength, the topping being Honor!

Whoever you are, whatever it is, this your unpalatable reality will change. As long as you keep walking through with the truth of GOD’S Word. The truth I mean, you get? You’ll see how step on step, you’ll be out of the pit which “generational” strongholds had confined you to. You’ll shine your own shine. You’ll enjoy your own joy!

Song produced by Rockytee

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Eleto Aye Mi Lyrics:


Gbo’pe aiye mi

Ọba eleto

Ki ìyá mi to bimi, lontin ṣe to aiye mi 2x

Ètò rẹ ni bimoto waiye

Ìwọ looto ibi mogba

At’ya ati baba mi

Ibi wọn bimi si, ko sẹ́yìn rẹ

Ọjọ́ tabi mi, eto rẹ ni

Oun moje laiye, olori eto re ni

Omo’hun to fẹ́ fimiro, koto dami saiye mi

Olori eto aiye mi

Gbogbo ọpẹ l’ori mi, ìwọ loni

Meto meto aiye mi, mo kan saara sio


Tori omo’hun ma waiye wada

Oyan áńgẹ́lì irinajo mi tì mí

Ngba mo fori dagi, Olorun ìwọ ni mori

Ninu aipe mi, ofimi sile rara

Loojo erin, ìwọ nikan ni mori

Ọjọ́ ifẹ inu mi ha mimo, iwọ lotumi sile

Ọjọ́ eékún otumi ninu

Ìwọ láàyò mi

Ogo aiye mi, owo rẹ lowa

Olugbe orimi soke

Gba gbogbo ogo

Olumeto mi ẹsẹ o baba



Call :Won oje mi maiye

Resp:Ese o baba

Cal:Irinajo mi odoju ru rara rara

Res:Ese ooo baba

Cal:Olumeto to meto aiye mi lati’beere

Res:Ese o baba

Cal:Ose t’oje ki’ya aiye kojemi gbe

Res:Ese o baba

Cal:Igi leyin ogba kan ṣoṣo ti mo gbojule

Res:Ese o baba

Cal:Baba toto baba ṣe fun bàbà to bimi

Res:Ese o baba

Ki iya mi to bimi, lotin ṣe to aiye mi(Till fade)


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