Just ten days after having his wife and son murdered, Andrei Iacob decided to give his life to Christ and be baptized in the church attended by his wife, Long Hollow Baptist Church, in the United States.

“The past few days have been extremely difficult, I don't understand why, Lord, all I know now is that Your plan is bigger than mine. All I can do now is to obey and be faithful ”, 

said Andrei on his Instagram, in the caption of the video of his baptism.

His wife, Jessie, was the first in the family to surrender to Christ at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Tennessee. Soon after, Andrei and the couple's son, Zeke, started attending services.

On December 11, Jessie and Zeke were murdered by a man when Andrei was not at home. The perpetrator, a former employee of the excavation company founded by the couple, took his own life on December 13, after being spotted by the police.

According to reports, the man asked Jessie, who managed the company's finances, to transfer money to his account. Even though he obeyed the order, he shot her and her son.

What could have killed Andrei's hope, just brought him closer to God. After his wife and son's funeral on December 19, he talked to Pastor Robby Gallaty about accepting Christ and extending forgiveness to the deceased killer.

Long Hollow Baptist Church had a baptism service scheduled for Sunday, December 20, for about 12 people. Pastor Robby asked Andrei if he would like to participate. He agreed; as well as his mother-in-law, Wanda, who also wanted to be baptized.

“I asked Andrei if he was upset with the Lord for the murder of his family. He told me he was really grateful that he wasn't home. For if he had died, he would not be ready to find God. ‘I’m going to bet everything on the Lord now,’ he told me, ” reported Pastor Robby.

Source: Guiame 

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