How to think strategically as a beleiver

Genesis 27:17-35

We know that the blessing of God is our inheritance as Christ has brought us near to God. But why is this blessing not manifesting in the life of many believers.

From the story of Jacob what do we need to do to access this blessing:

1. We need to think and take strategic steps to connect with God. There are things we are expected to do to connect with God.

2. We need to kill fear and open up.

3. We need to humble ourselves and honour the blessing.

4. We need to apply the wisdom and fear of God in presenting ourselves to God.

5. We need to obey the Holy ghost.

6. We need to know and believe the blessing.

7. We must come to God with confidence in the covering of Jesus Christ.

8. We need to know what pleases God and do it 

9. We need to understand our destiny as sons of God and seize the opportunities that present themselves to fulfill it.

10. We must find out what to do to get the blessing and to keep it.

11. We must not take things for granted or have a non-challant attitude to our relationship with God.

12. We need to take steps in faith.

13. We need a new identity, we need to be born again.

14. We need to follow the instructions of the holy Bible and Holy Spirit.

15. We need the spirit of discernment.

16. You must ask God for mercy.

17. We must have a right frame of mind towards God.

18. We must focus on what we want and avoid distractions .

19. How serious are we with God.

20. What preparation do we make before coming to presence of God.

21. How do we deal with distractions. 

22. We can't relate with God casually.

23. Everything will be involved if you want the blessing.

24. Can you say you have been as serious as you should be when relating with God.

25. There can't be intimacy without preparation.

26. As Jacobs disconnected from everything else, we must disconnect from everything else.

27. Your energy must be involved.

28. Everything we have must be engaged in our walk with God. 

29. We need to begin to approach God with a deep sense of seriousness because every moment we appear before God is a destiny changing moment.

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