Assume hearing is common among many believers these days. We assume we heard him but actually we know deeply in our heart what we listened to is what we wanted to hear. 

I have had people come for counselling from me over matters they have already concluded in their heart. They say "please help me pray  about what God is saying" some even gave God only one option because as much as they wanted the will of God, they never wanted to let go their own will.

 Some come up with something in their heart and ask God to bless it. The more you live your live that way, the more life toss you up and down and confusion set in. 

When it ever get to a point that you are confused in your decisions, today you hear Lagos, tomorrow, Abuja, shut down! That is not him speaking. To day you hear Segun tomorrow it is Caleb, shut down that is not him! God is not an author of confusion and when he speak, it comes with the spirit of faith and power to do. Untill when you understand the nature of God's speaking, your heart will speak to you and you will be saying Thank you holy spirit๐Ÿ˜ƒ

In wanting the will of God, if anything ever influnce your decision outside of him, you are not ready to recieve his full will. 

There are situations that you can't just assume God spoke but you must know God Spoke. Frustration is the result of missing his voice. 

In the School of the Spirit you must know when 

๐Ÿ‘‰ Heaven is silent

๐Ÿ‘‰ Heaven is closed

I am persuaded that 70 percent of youth reading this, you are in a season of your life that heaven is silent. You are in a period that you supposed to be learning through the dealings of God with you. You are not supposed to be rushing here and there now but wait till he makes you what he wants you to become. When ever I, me, is so much in matters that concerns your destiny, always check who is controlling your life!

In the season of dealings, this silence of God is a speaking to usthat you are under construction. 

It is at this Level youths run out of his dealing and allow greed to push them out of the plan of God.

You must know that God does not want to work for you(he is not your servant) neither does he want you to work for him(it leads to pride and rebellion) God want to partner with you, work with and through you.

So when you are been pushed to do something he never ordered,  Frustration is the result.

What you are doing now, did you hear him well?

Written by ABELAW

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