Toluwase (Omo Oluwosan Agba)is a global and itinerant minister of the gospel in music and word.

Toluwase's intelligent soft skills and certifications are in career consultancy motivational speaking that has helped her touch diverse races of people across the nation through her soul lifting songs and seminars.

 Here are the few singles received from the Holy Ghost- Wa Womisan, Oloju Anu and Magnificent God.

This New Single Se 'Yanu was inspired by a true life encounter. As a matter of fact those things you are going through are enduring as you are tolerating the situation. Hear this;

 Whatever you are tolerating is what is permitted to stay.

A Cry to God in that situation would bring direction or deliverance instantly. 

YAHWEH will heal the pain,

the sick,the broken hearted.

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,miracles that cannot be counted. (Job 9:10)

Psalm 30:5b weeping may endure for a night but JOY cometh in the  morning.

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Lyrics - Se'yanu


Nu omije mi nu ooo

Pa mi lerin ayo


Chrs: Wa se Iyanu

Ninu ayemi


Nu omije mi nu ooo

Pa mi lerin ayo


Solo 1: 

Baba ooo

Pamilerin ayo

K'aye wa ba mi dupe oo

Ki won ba mi ko 'mo

Ma je nwale aye yi lasan

Je ka Kololo mi pe Baba

Abba Father, Ma ta mi nuu

Solo 2

Akabi Kaula oo

Ka bi kuro Lori mi

Gbogbo Ajaga Amubo

Jesu mi Mo fe bo

Pa mi lerin Ayo

 Nu Omije mi nu ooo


Solo 4 

IgbedideTaiye oo

(Speak In Tongue)

Atunmotan Kehinde

Edidi Alaba

Ma se da mi koja

Pa mi lerin ayo oo

Olorun ooo

Nu omije mi nu

Oo,Mo be ooo


Emi nbe o


Pa mi lerin Ayo oo

Wa Nu omije mi nu



Dasi ooo

Solo 5

Nigeria ni lo iwosan re baba

Iwosan re la ni lo

Keku o ma ke bi eku

K'eye o ma ke bi eye

K'alaboyun ko bi were oo

K'agan o to wo alabosun

Da si oro aye wa 

Baba oo,wa a da si

(Singing In Tongues)

Iwosan re ni mo ni lo

Sebi wo l'oluwosan agba 

Wa wo le mi San

(Singing In Tongues)

Pamilerin Ayo

Wa Nu Omije mi nu.




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