Sunday Emmanuel Alani Asiko is a Worship Revivalist, Inspirational Mistrel, a songwriter Alani has unleashed yet another powerful sound, “Asiko"The uplifting new track is released alongside the video,

Asiko Audio was produced by Jay Chords and Video Direction was made by Oba Donald

Speaking about the song, Emmanuel Alani Asiko shares;

"Time exists. Might as well get this common question out of the way; otherwise how would we set our alarm clocks? Time organises the universe into an ordered series of moments, and thank goodness; what a mess it would be if reality were complete different from moment to moment. The real question is whether or not time is fundamental, or perhaps emergent.

"Everyone experiences time differently and depending on who we are and what we are experiencing; there's a real sense in which time moves more quickly when we're older"

Emmanuel Alani Asiko is one with a minister’s heart, continues to deliver life-changing and rejuvenating songs that have consistently captured the hearts of music lovers and worshipers globally; He is happily married to Esther Emmanuel with Children.

“Alani,” is the newest addition to the compilation of great songs released by the Nigerian singer-songwriter this year 2020. It follows ‘Fragrance to Word‘

Watch Video and download audio below;

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