Pastor Enoch Adeboye, The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG), Adeboye told members to restart church branches from next Sunday in places where the law permitted them to do so across the world.

Pastor Adeboye on Sunday show his strong backing for Federal and State government’s protocol for the reopening of worship centers due to the pandemic of the dreaded Coronavirus (COVID-19) that spread all over.

The clergy man ask the members to thank the Almighty God because very soon they will start enjoying the power of corporate prayers.

He said:

“We want to thank the Almighty God that some of us will begin to gather again as from next Sunday. I believe that some of you are already gathering in some parts of the world and we believe that you will now begin to enjoy the power of corporate prayers once again. 
“But as you gather together in all those places where you are free to gather, please remember those of us who cannot gather with you yet. People like me and my wife cannot gather with you in Lagos because we are over 65 years of age and my grandchildren cannot gather with you yet because they are under 15 years of age.
“So, remember us in prayers, so that very soon, we will be able to join you. And now that you are able to pray together corporately. 

“I am sure that your prayers will be far, more effective against this plague (COVID-19) so that very soon, all will be well. My pray for everyone of you listing to us today is that very soon, you will move from lockdown to lifting up in Jesus name. Everyone has a deep hunger for freedom. There is something worst that physical lockdown. You will find out that one of the biggest punishment you can give to a criminal is to lock him down in prisons. 
“There is something worst than physical lockdown and that is mental lockdown. And of cause the worst of them all is spiritual lockdown. If someone is mentally locked down, a lot of terrible things will happen to such a person. 
“Be aware of your mental enemies. To be average of the enemy of being clever. There are many people who are satisfied with being average. When I was a lecturer in the university there are some students who will say all I want is ‘let my people go’. What it means is just give me an ordinary pass. They never aimed for anything higher. 
“If you accept good enough, you may never become great. I pray for all of you who thinks you are great, that everything you need to be complete, God will grant it unto you and give you the grace to reach-out for it.”

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