Pray Without Ceasing : Today's Prayer Points Feb 3rd

Psalm 136

1.Father I thank You for The time of refreshing and 21 days fast and the plans and purpose for my life and destiny in Jesus name.

2.Lord, I thank You for the grace and the ability to wait and pray to you for 21 days and You have given to me to dream and receive visions of the night.

3.Lord, I thank You for the precious gift of my pastor and also dreams of my life and destiny. I bless Your most Holy Name.

4.Father, Your Word says that when I lie down, I shall not be afraid and my sleep shall be sweet. (Prov. 3v24). Therefore, I pray that everyday of my life, my sleep shall be sweet and blessed in Jesus name.

5.I receive the grace and ability to sleep and wake up in Jesus name. I rebuke every spirit of sleeplessness in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

6. I reject and rebuke every spirit of fear sent to me during my sleep in Jesus name.

7. Lord, as I lie down everyday to sleep, I shut the gates and doors of my sleep and dreams against the devil in Jesus name.

8. I restrict and forbid evil movements of wicked spirits that manipulate and influence my dreams negatively. Jesus Christ says “in my Name, you shall cast out the devil.” In the most potent and powerful name of Jesus Christ, I cast out every demonic and evil spirit sent on assignment to frustrate my life through evil dreams and evil actions.

9. Two cannot walk together unless they agree (Amos 3v3), therefore I disconnect myself from wicked spiritual personalities of evil dreams and covenants in Jesus name.

10. I sanctify everywhere and every place I lie down to sleep with the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.


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