Pray Without Ceasing : Today's Prayer Points Feb 2nd

Psalm 3 v 3, 23 vs 5, Isaiah 61 vs 1- 10

Prayer Points

1 Father I thank you for your plan for me this year

2 Lord anoint me for divine lifting in Jesus name

3 Every strange hands pressing down my head, wither now in Jesus name

4 O Lord arise and deliver my head by fire in Jesus name

5 O Lord disgrace every power contending with my lifting in Jesus name

6 You my head and my feet, you shall not be bewitch in Jesus name

7 You my ladder to the top, appear now and take me to the highest mountain in Jesus name

8 Father, change my story for the best by fire in Jesus name

9 Every diseases and affliction keeping me on the ground, hear the word of the Lord, disappear now in Jesus name

10 Every plantation of tail in my life, be uprooted and die in Jesus name

11 Father, surround my life with destiny helpers in Jesus name

12 Powers of my father’s house and my mother’s house, I am free from every curse of slavery in Jesus name

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