Today's Prayer Points Jan 25th

Confessions: Deut. 28 vs 1-13


Prayer Points

1.Thank God for the power of the cross.

2.Thank God for Jesus.

3.By the power of His blood, I nullify all satanic accusations leveled against me in Jesus name.

4.By the power of His blood, I recover all my wasted years in Jesus name.

5.Every leakage of my divine glory, be blocked by the blood of Jesus.

6.Thou evil hand turning the clock of my destiny backward, wither in Jesus name.

7.I arise and recover all my stolen years by fire in Jesus name.

8.Whatever heaven has decreed concerning my life, begin to appear in the name of Jesus.

9.Spiritual backwardness, your days are over, die in Jesus name.

10.Spiritual blindness, your days are over, die in Jesus name.

11.My spiritual ears, open and receive divine instructions for excellence in Jesus name.

Thank you lord for answer prayers in Jesus name

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