Today's Prayer Points July 3rd


Prov 14 vs 19;
Isaiah 43 vs 16-20,
Psalm 40 vs 1-3
Rev 21 vs 1,5,6
Job 14 vs 7-9

Thank you lord for another wonderful day

Praise and worship 20 min

Prayer Points

1. I command all negative situations to bow in my life for a new thing to happen in Jesus name

2. Self advertising/ announcing miracles of God manifest in my life daily

3. I prophecy new things to begin in my life this week

4. Every area of reproach in my life o lord by your mercy turn it into testimony

5. That event that will change my lamentation into celebration manifest in Jesus name

6. By royal remembrance I move into my season of testimony and new song

7. Any thing that needed to be corrected in my life for a new thing to happen let the finger of God correct it now

8. Any force around me resisting a new thing in my life I challenge you with the blood of Jesus

9. From every disappointment that I have ever experienced oh lord give a double portion of blessing

10. I wear a new garment of favor, mercy ,joy and gladness in Jesus name

Thank you lord for answer prayers in Jesus name

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