When faced with no way out; how often do you take a deep breath?
When the road seem blocked; how creative are you to make a new path?
When all hope seem lost; what is your favourite prayer point?
When faced with the threats of death; how prepared are you to journey into the world beyond?
When faced with betrayal; who can you hug even in the dark?
In difficult situations; how good are you with puzzles?
If you suddenly start feeling unlucky; when was the last time you threw a dice?
When you feel you have done so much; when was the last time you took a leap of faith?
When the tears come falling down; how certain are you that your smile can hold them back?
At the verge of quitting; can you still remember the reason you started in the first place?
Found yourself between the rock and the cliff; when was the last time you listened to your heart?
When love seem to hurt a lot; don’t forget love is pain.
When the journey gets tough, keep calm there is always a destination, just alight and get on the next train.
If you feel stuck, launch your body forward and your right foot will step out to catch you. Don’t stop now!
If you feel that your life sucks; try lending it out just for one day to a dead man.
Only when you understand the value of something, will you be able to cross all boundaries to grab it.
Only when your pocket becomes penniless, will you understand the prize that comes with determination.
Every worker deserves his wages, so keep calm, even God know the rules. He pays just in time.

 Prisca Okeke

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